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12/10/2021 - 11:00pm

Under and by a Writ of Execution issued out of the Circuit Court for Howard County, Case# C-13-CV-20-000541, Sharon and David Jones Trust VS. Evelyn's Dry Cleaners, LLC, I have seized and taken into execution and will sell at public auction the following described as personal property:

1 LG True Steam Dryer 

1 LG Inverter Direcct Drive Washer 

1 Wascomat SU655co Dryer 

1 Columbia USA MEC 340/2F Commercial Dryer 

1 Sankosha LP-57OU Press Machine 

1 Sankosha LP-69OU-V2 Single Collar Cuff Press 

3 F orenta Press Machines 

1 Cissell Pants Topper Model PT-B 

11 Dandux 10 bushel Laundry Bins 

Together with an undivided percentage interest in the common elements, common expenses and common profits in the regime as set forth in said declaration. 

The property will be sold "AS IS" condition and without any warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the nature, condition, or description of the property and subject to all restrictions, liens and other matters of record and all existing violations as well as subject to any state of facts that an accurate survey or physical inspection of the property might disclose, if any. 

The purchaser should be aware that they are purchasing the defendant's interest only. The described property will be sold subject to reservations of title, subject to liens of record, and to all claims known and unknown. To obtain clear title, the cost of conveyance and outstanding senior liens must be paid by the purchaser. 

Terms of SALE:  A deposit of$ 5,000.00 is required at time of sale, with the balance due 10 days after Ratification of Sale by the Court. The deposit and balance must be paid in Cash, Certified Check, or Cashier's Check, payable to the "Sheriff of Howard County". No personal or business checks accepted. To bid, you must have a government photo ID (i.e. Driver's License) and the$ 5,000.00 deposit in hand. 

In the event of default by the purchaser and at the risk and expense, the Sheriff may declare the deposit forfeited and resell the premises, without a Court Order. The defaulting purchaser will be liable for the costs and expenses of both sales. The forfeited deposit, less expenses, will be credited towards the judgment at time of Ratification. The sale will be final after ratification from the Court. 

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