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Sportsman's Auction

12/16/17 at 10:00 am

Selling from the estate of Jim Vance & other estates to include, but not limited to:


Preview: Friday, December 15; 2:00 – 6:00 pm


Long Guns

Marlin: Model 1894 CS, 357 mag, 38 special; Model 1894 S 44cal; Model 1894 CL ‘Classic’ 32-20; Model 882, 22 c; Model 883, 22 c; Model 80, 22 cal. bolt action; Model 922, 22 cal. Rimfire; Model 1936 30-30c;  Model 30AS, 30-30; Winchester: Model 70, 30-06 bolt action; Model 52, 22 cal. bolt; Model 94-22, 22 c; Model 94, 30-30 Buffalo Bill Commemorative; Model 61, 22 cal. Hammerless slide; Model 94-22 Lever action; Model 94, ‘Big Bore’ 375c w/scope; Model Remington:Model 37 “The Rangemaster” 22 c; Model522 22 c “Viper;” Model 700, 7mm Remington magazine rifle;  Model 241 22c semi-auto; Model 550-1 ‘Targeteer’ 2c bolt action; Model 722, 244c w/scope;  Target Master, 22c; US Springfield: Model 1903 Mark I, 30-06 bolt action; Model 84C  22c; Browning:  Model 53 32-20c; Invector 12g trap choke single; Belgian 22c semi-auto in box; Savage: 30 Series B 410g pump shot; CZ: Model 550 American 270g; Model 452-E 22 c; Beretta: Model 686 Onyx 12 g; 3”magnum, 28” over/under; Model 400; Stevens: 16g bolt action; Ruger: 10/22 Carbine; Ithaca: Model 72, 22c ‘Saddle Gun;’  Model 72 22c; Fox Savage: Model B 410 Double barrel; Weatherby: Mark V, 300 mag. bolt action; H & R: Model 48, 410g “Topper” full choke single barrel; M1 Garand 30c rifle; Hi-Standard: 12g pump ‘Riot’ Gun; Kimber:Super American 22 cal; Henry: US Survival, 22 c; German Mauser: 1917, 8mm bolt action; Cabela: 45c  black powder percussion rifle; Inland: M1 US Carbine 30c, semi- auto; Hawkins: 50c black powder; Brown Bess: ‘Tower’ 75c black powder; Hi- Point Firearms: Model 4595 45c Semi-automatic; Lyman: Great Plains 50c. black powder; Cogswell & Harrison: 12g double barrel; Harper’s Ferry Flintlock.




Hand Guns


Ruger: Model SP101, 22 cal. S/S revolver; Model SP101 357 mag S/S; Model MKIII, 22 cal. S/S; Super Red Hawk, 44 mag; Vaquer 44 cal. Pistol; Mark II Target 22c w/clip;  Beretta: Model 92FS, 9mm auto; Model M9, 9mm American Defender; Model 21A, 22 cal S/S; “Tom Cat” 32 cal S/S; Taurus: “The Judge” 45/410 cal. S/S (2); “Raging Bull,” 45 cal. S/S revolver; Smith & Wesson: 38 Special w/6”barrel;  M & P, 40 cal pistol; “Bodyguard” 38 c. Revolver;  Model 642 38 cal. S/S; Model 617, 22 cal S/S; Springfield: Model 1911A1, 45 c pistol; Hi-Standard: HB, 22 cal. pistol; CZ: Cadel Model 75, .22 pistol; Wyoming Arms: Parker 10mm S/S pistol; Mauser: HSC 7.65 mm; Remington: 1875 Single action Army 44c revolver; Marlin: NO 12 Standard 32c pocket revolver;  O.F. Mossberg & Sons:  Brownie, 22c.; Iver Johnson’s Arms & Cycle Works:S & W 1580. 32c; Snub-nose top-break 32c revolver; Forehand Arms Co: S & W 1580 32 c, hammerless; Top-break 32c;  F. Lli pieta: Black powder revolver; Colt: 1849 Pocket Revolver 36c percussion; Cobra .38 special; Police Positive 32c; Official Police 38c; Police Positive 38c; Lyman Colt 1860 Army 44c percussion (2), made in Italy; DA 38c revolver, US Army Model 1901; 1862 pocket revolver 36c percussion; 1860 Army 44c percussion revolver, military marked; DA 38c revolver; Super 38c; Single Action revolver; Allen & Wheellock: 32c Rimfire pocket revolver; Derringer: 22c short pocket revolver; Walther: 6.35c; Bersa: Thunder 380c in box; Rich Hollis & Sons London percussion pistol;  Czech CZ52, 7.62x25; US Model 1819 flint lock; Antique Belgian flint lock pocket pistol w/brass barrel; Antique DB percussion pocket pistol; English Tower Flintlock black powder pistol; Spanish made DA 38c revolver;  Belgian made 44c top break revolver; Black powder percussion pistol; Breech Load double action revolver; Antique French Rimfire revolver Webley Air Pistol Mark I pellet gun.


Fire Arm Accessories: Bushnell, Leopold & other scopes; Reloading equipment, Scakes, powder, manuals & guides; Cleaning equipment; Powder horns; Grenades; Gun cabinets; Gun cases , belts & holsters, etc.




Swords & Knives: Buck Knives Models 120 & 118 w/sheaths; Throwing knife; European Infantry sword; British Infantry sword; Persian antique sword; Samurai swords.




Sportsman’s Gear


Rods & Reels: All Star Select, Shakespeare, Shimano, Cabela’s, Daiwa, St. Croix, Fenwick, Penn & others.


Fly Rods & Reels: Sage, Orvis, St. Croix, Redington, Scientific, & others.


Bows: Barnett Predator cross bow; Martin Trebark Model M-44 Firecat bow & arrows; PSE ‘Carroll Intruder’, Bowman, Supra and other bows.


Camping & other gear: Tents; Sleeping bags; Bedrolls; Stoves; Flashlights; 1st aid kits; tools; camo; tackle boxes; lures & more.




Miscellaneous Items: Clothing, Duck & goose calls, Tree steps, and other items.




This listing is just a portion of the items to be auctioned. More will be unpacked as we get nearer to the sale.




Terms: 15% buyer’s premium for Mastercard or Visa, with a 5% discount for cash or check.




Auctioneers: Roy Gregory & Tom Weschler Consignments are being accepted. Call or check our website for more information.

Auction Details

TERMS:  Everything is sold as is, unless otherwise stated by the auctioneer. Cash, certified funds, Visa/Mastercard. 15% buyers premium with 5% discount for cash, or approved check.

DIRECTIONS:  Exit 80 off Interstate 70. Once on the fairgrounds, we are located in Exhibition Building #3. (view map of this location)

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