Info for Buyers

Live auctions attract a variety of buyer's, from the collectors to the resellers to the curious on-lookers. The live auction method is where parties who are interested in bidding on any items being auctioned gather as an audience and bid in an open public forum. If you are interested in bidding on any item at the auction, you will be asked to register at the time of the auction (see Prior to Bidding below).

If you are interested in an item being auction and wish to bid, you should raise your bidder number or hand and wait for the auctioneer to acknowledge you. If anyone else wishes to purchase the same item, they will bid against you. The auctioneer will continue taking bids of increasing amounts from each interested party until all but one person drops out. This final bidder is the successful buyer and the auctioneer indicates that the lot is sold and will repeat the purchased price and the winning bidder number. At that time, the item belongs to you and is your responsibility.


Prior to Bidding

If you are interested in bidding on any item at the auction, you will need to first register for a bidder number. At every auction, there is one central location that will handle the registration. You will be asked for your driver's license or identification card and phone number, in order to receive your bidder number.

Before the bidding begins, the auctioneer will review the terms of the auction. This will include the order of the auction and any special instructions or announcements.

If available, we recommend that you view the items that you are interested in buying prior to the auction. Most items are sold 'as is', although we do our best to inspect the items and will disclose as much information as possible prior to selling the item.

Absentee Bidding

If you are unable to attend an auction, you may leave an absentee bid. This is a confidential, maximum price for the lot or lots in which you are interested. It is executed by the auctioneer, on your behalf, in competition with the auction audience. In the event that your absentee bid is the winning bid for an item, you will be notified within a day of the auction.

Payments for Buyers

Successful bidders are requested to make total payment for purchases by cash, Visa or MasterCard or pre-approved check on the day of sale. Buyers planning to pay with a personal or business check may be required to provide additional information prior to the auction. Checks are to be made payable to: Associated Auctioneers & Appraisers.

Buyer’s Premium

The buyer's premium is a charge paid by the buyer at auction, usually in the form of a percentage of the winning bid or sold price of the lot.  The buyer’s premium may vary from auction to auction, and may include a discount for cash payment.  The premium is paid at the time of purchase of the items bought at auction.  For the specific amount, please view the details for each auction or ask the auctioneer.

Removal of Property

This will be announced in the terms of each auction. In general, purchases should be paid for and removed the day of sale, unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer. Arrangements may be made with Associated Auctioneers & Appraisers or the property owner on a case by case basis. Please see a member of our team to discuss any special requests.

Info for Sellers

Associated Auctioneers & Appraisers welcomes everyone to sell items at auction. Whether you wish to consign an individual item, a collection, or an entire estate, we can accommodate your needs. We handle foreclosures, business liquidations, and divorce settlements. If you are downsizing, moving, or retiring, you may find our services valuable. For more information about selling items at one of our auctions or utilizing our services to sell items at your location, please call 410-489-7200.

Seller's Premium

Like the Buyer's Premium, this is the commission charged to the consignor to assist in paying for the auction's cost in selling an item. The Seller's premium is typically a percentage of the total sale price of the item. Percentages vary so please confirm the percentage with a member of our team prior to the auction.

Settlement of Account

Settlement varies depending on the auction. If you are consigning at our weekly Tuesday auctions, settlement checks will be issued and mailed or available for pick up on Friday. For all other auctions, please ask a member of our team for the terms of settlement.