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12/6 - 10/2021

Online Auction

Associated Auctioneers and Appraisers is proud to offer our exclusive auction. To include but not limited to…..


Del-ton AR cal 308 rifle, H&K AR model 416-D 22cal, Palmetto model PA15 cal 556, Ruger American bolt action 223cal, Rossi Puma model M92 44mag lever action, Marlin semi auto model 992M 22 cal, Erma single shot 22 target, Henry Golden boy model H010B cal 45-70, Ruger Mark II M77 338cal, Marlin Model 25 .22 bolt action, Winchester model 94 .30-30 lever action, Marlin mod 336 cal 35 lever action (2), Hi-point mod 45-95 AR 45 cal, Hi-Point model 4095 AR 40cal, Spikes tactical model ST-15 multi caliber, Remington model 700 7mm mag Leupold scope, Marlin model 39A .22 lever action, Marlin mod 336 .30-30 lever action w/ custom stock, Mossberg Whitetail lighting 243 cal bolt action, Westernfield mod sb836 .22, Remington 700 243cal, Henry golden boy model H006 44mag lever action, Springfield M1 Garand 30cal, Ruger Mark II model M77 375 H&H, Savage model 93R 17 HMR bolt action, Weatherby Mark V 300 cal winmag bolt action w/ scope, Cel-tec SUB 2000 9mm, Winchester model 20 30-06, Colt M4 carbine 556 cal, Kriss arms mod defense .22 cal, POF mod P308 multi cal, Hi-Point Arms mod 995 9mm, Windham mod WW15 223cal, Ruger Precision mod G 6.5 Creedmoor, Remington mod 700 .308 tactical bolt action, Savage model 110 7mm bolt action, Savage model 11 .22-250 bolt action, Winchester model 70 .30-06 bolt action, Beretta CX4 storm .45 cal with hard scope, Marlin Model 1894C .357 lever action, Charter Arms AR-7 explorer .22 trapper, Rossi Combo .410/22, Japanese Arisaka bolt action, Germa K-98 bolt action Mauser .308 cal, Swiss Vetterli military bolt action sporterized, France MAS 49-56 semi auto 7.5mm import marks, US Craig 1898 bolt action 30-40 sporterized, Russia Mosin-Nagant bolt action import marked, British Enfield Mark 1 .308 sporterized syntetic stock, British Enfield .303 bolt action sporterized, Argentine Mauser sportized, Chinese Mosin-Nagant military bolt action w/ folding stock, Russian Mosin-Nagant sporterized/camo stock, Apintl VR80 12ga semi auto shotgun, Kel-tec KSG 12ga shotgun, Mossberg 930 12ga shotgun, Mossberg 500 12ga shot gun, Spanish 20ga firearms international corp, browning A5 12ga, Mossberg 500 12ga Pump Action, H&R Ultra slug 20ga single shot, Remington 1187 Special Purpose 12ga, H&R single shot 12 ga mod 88, Mossberg 500 tactical pump 12ga, Remington SPR 310 over and under 12ga, Mossberg 500 pump 12ga, Ithica Featherlite12ga pump shotgun, Remington 870 express mag 12ga shotgun, Kistler Arms mod 306 bolt action shotgun 12ga, Mossberg mod 395 12ga bolt action, Westernfield 20ga bolt action, Remington 870 12ga shotgun synthetic, Smith & Wesson mod 1000 12ga shotgun, Glock mod 17 9mm pistol, Rock Island mod 1911 10mm pistol, S&W mod 67 38 special stainless revolver, Dan Wesson mod W12 357mag revolver, Taurus ‘Raging Bull’ .44 mag stainless revolver, CZ shadow II 9mm pistol, Glock model 42 cal .380 pistol, S&W mod 14-3 cal .38 special stainless revolver w/ scope, Ruger tactical Mark IV .22 pistol, CZ mod 75 compact 9mm pistol, Glock mod 75 compact 9mm pistol, Glock mod 40 gen IV 10mm pistol, Thompson Center mod super 14 cal 45-70 single shot pistol w/ scope, Glock mod 21 .45 pistol, Glock mod 36 .45 pistol, S&W .357 mod 13-3 revolver, S&W model 37 .38 special air weight, Casull Freedom Arms .22 mag derringer,  Large collection of assorted rifles, pistols, shotguns, revolvers, Case knives, ammo, reloading equipment, and much much more, full list to follow…


This Auction will be held exclusively online, preview will be Monday December 6th, Tuesday December 7th, and Thursday December 9th from 10am to 3pm. All firearms will be processed through South Carroll Sporting Goods of Woodbine, MD.

Auction Details
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